live band for Events
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Posted on: Apr 30, 2015

I always thank my clients for going with live music because hiring a DJ these days is a choice they could have made. You know what’s funny though? They are always, without exception, so happy that they went with a live band. Their guests are thrilled as well. So often, we get people coming up to us after the event saying that it’s been so long since they’ve heard “a real band” and that it was such a treat.

Of course, it all seems clear after the fact that live music for their event in Toronto was the way to go, but some people seem to find it a difficult decision to make when they are at beginning of the planning stages.

My response is usually something like this: “You wouldn’t serve pre-packaged food to your guests, so why would you go with pre-packaged or pre-recorded music?” Anybody can hook up an iPod just like anyone could heat up some frozen dinners in the microwave. The question is why would do either of those things if your goal is to provide a memorable and special event for your guests?

Of course, The BlueSual Suspects Band provides recorded music while the band is on breaks so the party keeps on going. We are even hired sometimes along with a DJ. The client probably feels like they are covering all the bases by doing this. Let’s see….Band plays a set. The DJ plays a set and so on. Invariably though, the band ends up staying on longer and longer at the crowd’s request. And how can you blame them? Can you even compare the presence and energy and the emotion that a live 12-piece professional band brings to these Toronto events to what a DJ can offer?

All of this becomes crystal clear at the time of the event. We hear the accolades….”it’s the best wedding band in Toronto we’ve ever heard, the best Toronto event we’ve ever attended or the most entertaining corporate function in Toronto ever etc….” As the event closes, I make sure to thank the client for going with live music. The funny thing is by this time, they say something like; “there’s no other choice, live music is best!”