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Posted on: Oct 28, 2014

One of the most difficult things about preparing for a wedding is deciding what type of entertainment to provide for the guests. While live bands are certainly the best option, it can be a little tough to decide exactly what type of music would be best for all of the guests. While the best Toronto wedding bands will be able to play in multiple genres, not all of the wedding bands Toronto has to offer will have that type of diversity.

Let’s take a look at some of the top musical genres for wedding music to help planners better decide which one would best for the band that they’re hiring:


Jazz is always a favorite musical genre at weddings because of its ability get people up and moving. The lighter jazz sounds can serve as the perfect ambiance while the guests are eating while the upbeat favorites are sure to get the audience up and dancing. The jazz sound has been improvised over the last few decades, but its reliance on talented musicians hasn’t changed.

There’s something about the combination of a saxophone and trumpet that creates this just absolutely incredible sound. It’s also amazing how jazz seems to have the ability to be a favorite of audiences of all different generations. From the greats like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis to the modern day jazz stars like Michael Buble, there are so many great jazz artists for Toronto wedding bands to cover.

Jewish artists, such as Michael Brecker and Lee Konitz, have been featured prominently in the jazz genre for decades, making jazz based bands a great option for planners looking for the best Jewish wedding bands.


There are many different kinds of pop and this is certainly the most commonly played genre by most of the best wedding bands Toronto has available. Pop is an extremely large category so it may be necessary for person the doing the hiring to make sure they know exactly what type of pop the particular band focuses on.

The one issue with hiring pop based live bands for events is that they generally don’t have much diversity in their music. They’re usually stuck on the pop genre and don’t have much range, as far as vocals and instruments, for the other genres.


The rock genre definitely has the ability to get people up and moving. Old school and blues based rock bands seem to be the best fit for a wedding atmosphere, as they’re generally able to play a strong mix of both slow and fast music.

The one issue with rock based bands is that they can sometimes be a little over the top as far as their volume and music selection go. They’re definitely not considered to be one of the ‘safer’ options of the top bands for hire Toronto has to offer.

Finding a wedding band that is able to cover all three of these popular genres is difficult, but certainly not impossible. Having a great band is something that can make or break a wedding reception. Wedding planners should do their own reconnaissance to find the best wedding band for their needs.