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Posted on: Sep 30, 2014

Your wedding day might be an exciting time, but the relief that sets in after the fact can be liberating and a great time to let loose and have fun. The festivities after the wedding combined with food, drink, and entertainment is what most people look forward to whenever attending a wedding. Go beyond their expectations by hiring some of the best wedding bands Toronto has to offer with these helpful tips on how to choose the right band.

The Best Toronto Wedding Bands Are Good, But Know When to Cede Attention

A band might be really fantastic and entertaining, but remember that this day is about you, not them. Avoid the live bands for events or musicians that act like divas and don’t respect that this is your wedding day. Hiring someone like Madonna might be thrilling to your wedding guests, but expect your wedding party to turn into more of a concert than a reception.

Some of the best Toronto wedding bands understand their role within the wedding and know when to pick up the tempo or turn it down so that you remain the center of the attention throughout the night. True musicians want you to have a good time and aren’t there for their own personal glorification.

Hire Toronto Wedding Bands That Can Work A Crowd

Live bands for events are more than just singers or instruments on a stage, they are also performers; that’s one of the great things about hiring live bands versus just hiring a DJ or putting together a playlist. Playlists can’t interact with the crowd like live bands for events, which can be a serious limitation in high energy events like a wedding. Live bands know when to work a crowd, how to get people up and dancing, and what type of music your audience is actually enjoying.

Choose Toronto Wedding Bands With Volume

The difference between hiring a band vs. hiring a singer is that bands come with a great deal more volume to their music. Talented singers–as great as they may be require music to go along with their songs, and often rely on speakers or background sounds to do that. The problem that the most talented singer often faces when using a speaker system, is that the speaker and background music can overpower one or another.

Toronto wedding bands are substantial in volume and work together to achieve musical harmony. In a band with so many different types of instruments, ranging from pianos to horns, trumpets to saxophones, you get such a diverse selection of sounds to choose from. When paired with experienced lead vocalists, the sounds just work together to compliment each other.

Lead vocalists and instrumental musicians practice together tirelessly to match the tempo and volume of the sound so that they can produce something that fits. A single musician can’t control the sounds or fluctuations from a speaker or stereo, but instead have to manipulate their voice. You will notice this and so will your audience members as the night goes on.