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Posted on: Jan 6, 2015

Just as there are certain expectations placed on you when you start a new job, or go traveling in a foreign country, there are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing the best wedding band for hire for your wedding. More often than not it comes down to etiquette, the way in which the bride and groom (and their parents) and the band get along, which is crucial for ensuring that the wedding day go smoothly. A few things to consider:

1. Have A Price Already Agreed Upon

As far as the best wedding bands in Toronto go, The BlueSual Suspects are a bargain for what they are and what they provide. It is very difficult to find bands for hire in Toronto that can match the collective experience and overall ambiance of the The BlueSual Suspects, whose multi-talented vocalist group heralds from wildly different (but equally rich) musical heritages. Having a price already agreed upon, and not being too greedy, is an easy common-sense way to get the best out of your wedding band – remember, you get what you pay for!

2. This Is Your Special Day – But Don’t Make Unrealistic Demands

The best wedding bands for hire know how important a wedding is to the young couple, and will go out of their way to make sure that they contribute to it being fun, exciting, and memorable. The BlueSual Suspects, in fact, have been known to add additional songs to their line-up and even return for encores in order to appeal to their audiences – but remember that they are human beings, and need a rest occasionally as well. Playing music is exhausting, even among the best wedding bands that Toronto has to offer, and being sympathetic to their needs will guarantee a good relationship between the newlyweds and the band.

3. Agree On Start And Break Times

One way to help the band is to have a meeting beforehand with the members or band leader and specify a rough or detailed line-up of songs, and identify both start and break times. This is when the band will take breaks between numbers – for example, when speeches are being made, etc. – and when they will start up again. Specifying these times in advance will help to keep everything on schedule and also give your band time to rest, rehydrate, and mingle with your guests, which is always a positive experience.

4. Organize Musical Choices Beforehand

In the same vein, the best Toronto wedding bands usually come with a rough idea of what sort of music they want to play or can offer, and it is up to the bride and groom to coordinate with the band leader to make sure what they get what they pay for. This usually involves highlighting favourite songs you might want played (or, conversely, songs you don’t want played!), and generally designing a line-up that will be compelling and exciting for your audience, from the youngest six year old toddler to the oldest eighty year old grandmother.